UK Border Agency are in train stations in the South. They are randomly checking the immigration status of people of colour.


If the UK Border Agency or police stop you in the street and ask about
your immigration status:

- You DO NOT have to answer any questions.
- You DO NOT have to tell them your name or address.
- Tell them that you do not want to talk to them.
- Stay polite but confident.
- You can walk away.

They are not allowed to stop you just because of your race. They can only stop you if they have a good reason. If they stop you just because of how you look, or the language you speak, tell them: “This is racist”. “This is illegal”. “I will make a complaint”.

If you are detained, call Bail for Immigration Detainees (independent from us): 020 7247 3590

What to do if you see someone being stopped

If you see someone being stopped by UKBA officers or police on immigration grounds, and your immigration status does not put you at risk yourself, it is recommended that you:

- Immediately make the person aware that they do not have to answer
questions & that they can leave
- Remind the officers of the law
- Film the incident, where possible asking the person stopped if that’s
ok, or just filming the officers involved. This may be useful in making a
claim in the event of an unlawful stop or arrest.
- Record the lapel numbers of the officers involved
- Make other members of the public aware of what’s happening
- Get witnesses’ contact details if the stop leads to an arrest or the
person wants to pursue it afterwards
- Attempt to pass on a phone number to the individual if you think the
stop will lead to arrest
- Try not to get aggressive or physically obstruct officers if you want to
avoid being arrested for obstruction.

Network 23 Anti Raids
website link.

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